To my Sisters 💙💚💛❤

I have a sister whose voice is soft 
her laughter sweet
and her lap a gentle space to land.
Her song is kindness.

I have a sister whose ways are true 
like a sword, she pierces the heart of darkness 
and her courage illuminates the world.

I have a sister
she’s still asleep, not awake yet to her magic
and her love is pure devotion.
She is my favorite simple love.

I have a sister 
who I watch from afar
She counsels me through the wonders of the path
reminding me that I know where to go.

I have a sister
this one so bravely offers her pain 
her blood drips down
so that the flowers can bloom. 

The love of my sisters flows to all genders
for we are all bonded eternally in the silken arms of the Feminine 

And the Creator, the All that Is,
keeps us all woven in the web of Love.

Jamie Francis